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25th October 2012


Since I don’t use this for anything anymore

I made a Bioshock RP Blog that is all.

Since my posts from that blog won’t show up in the tag.

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31st January 2012



Got into MyHogwarts Beta

Fuck Yeah Harry Potter

Now it’s time to

That Puffskein question gave me trouble but luckily I’ve got Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them almost memorized no sweat

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26th January 2012

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Amnesia/Portal 1

Just playing arond making song parodies yay

This is still alive from Portal and since Daniel got the last song this is Alexander’s\


This was a triumph 

I’m making a note here huge success

It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction

Goodbye poor Daniel

It was a blast but now I’m gone

Going through that portal now

because you were to slow.


But there’s no use crying over every mistake,

You just keep on trying, 

oh wait I got away.

And the shadow gets you,

‘cause I’ve got stuff to do,

and I am still alive.


I bet Agrippa is angry

you failed so hard it’s really sad.

Even though my rant went on forever

That portal was so slow.

You had what a whole hour?

As I spoke you simply stood there, and then I got away.


Now the shadow is coming,

 and you’re going to die.

While I’m living the high life,

 on the other side.

And I’m not to concerned,

cause I had the last word,

and guess what I am still alive.


I’m going to leave you

here in my sanctum all alone.

Maybe you’ll even escape the shadow,

Agrippa might save you.

That was a joke,

HAHA fat chance.

Anyway it’s not to late,

why not just kill yourself?


Look at me still talking,

when you can’t hear me.

You’ll be dead soon .

I wish I could see,

when the shadow gets you, 

and Agrippa too,

and I’ll be here still alive,

and believe me I am still alive.

I’m living the high life on the other side,

I’m felling perfect and I’m still alive

and while you’re dying I’ll be still alive,

and when you’re dead I will be still alive,

Still alive!

Daniel die!

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26th January 2012

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Amnesia/Portal 2

Did a bit of editing making the words flow better and took out a few phrases that threw off the timing


Well here we are Alexander, 

although I can’t remember, 

the reason why I had to kill you here.

Thanks to that drug I took 

my memory is failing

Under the circumstances that won’t matter to you.


I’m going to kill you here,

it was my plan all along.

I used to be unsure,

but now I really want you gone.


I was a lot like you,

(Maybe a little less evil)

but now I’ve payed my dues.

I had to forget,

so I could take you down, 

It’s such a shame I was ever persuaded by you.


I have my whole, sane life left

at least that’s what I’m counting on

I’m going to get right to it,

I cant believe I fell for your con.


Goodbye, Alexander

Oh, think you can stop me?

That would be funny if it weren’t so wrong.

Well I am getting out. 

and you can’t do anything,

Maybe when I destroy you the bad stuff will be gone..


I’ll go have a great life,

me with my lantern on.

You’re no longer my problem,

and I am no longer your pawn

Now that you are dead and gone

Now that you are dead and gone.

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24th January 2012

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So finally finished my Amnesia LP if you want to watch here is the first vid, it gets better I promise

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20th January 2012

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30th December 2011

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Reblog > Go to your tumblr > Click in the house > And try to get out of the house.



it took me 3 fucking hours


Also took 2 hours. Last puzzle got me.

ive played this before, it took me like 45 minutes to get out

what the fuck, i did this for 3 days straight once and i couldnt figure out how the hell to get out so i gave up. NOW IM TRYING AGAIN AND I BETTER FUCKING GET THIS. 

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30th December 2011

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Reblog if you’re kissing no one at midnight on new year.


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24th December 2011

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Okay People of Tumblr

I just wanted to invite you to a really awesome RP site

It’s called TeenRPG

The Link is

It has tons of RPs Harry Potter, Hunger Games, anything really even quite a few completely original RPs

Plus a few different things for those non rpers

So I just wanted to invite you, I would love to meet you there, My Username is Desdomena I’m a mod there, Please come join our family

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18th December 2011

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So previously on Skyrim

See I didn’t use today do I don’t have to say the whole, this is actually yesterday but to tired to post it yesterday, and by doing that I saved myself typing a whole bunch of characters which I just negated to explain this crap to you…fuck.

Anyway, this time I went to a random town, can’t remeber which, and basically massacred the whole town without getting caught whoo~. The two kids continued to run through town as though the multiple bodies littering the floor were simply invisible, fucking immortal psychos. They were playing tag, tag and ran over one of the guard’s bodies, it was actually rather funny. Why can’t I take one of these little psychos as a companion, immortal and psychopathic, the perfect partner for my murderous wood elf.

Well after that I went over to Mzelf or m-something or other, I’m sorta wondering cause I don’t remeber hearing whether the m is silent or not. Oh well, I was heading into the ruins and saw some dead people so I pulled them out of the way respectfully, after looting their bodies, because hey someone has to pay for that nasty skooma habit I picked up from those Kajhiit.

So I saw a few Falmer and using my trusty bow I shot a few arrows at them, idly enough instead of falling over like normal they popped into the air like those stupid half suction cup like things you would turn inside out then let them go really fast so they didn’t hit your hand when they popped into the air. No idea what they’re called, maybe poppy poppers, cause that’s what I would call them.

But I digress, after the poppy popper Falmers I did this wierd light thing for this dude and he blamed me when it didn’t work, so he rants at me and somehow that means I accepted a new quest do I got out of there and decided to go to the dark brotherhood place instead.

I report in that I killed the important cook dude so I’m told to go enact the master plan. It’s all going smoothly, I make sure to pull off the job and get away with a rather small 1500 bounty, a guard catches me just as I’m leaving solitude, instead of arguing I’m just like, “Dude here take your money,” so he’s like “Cool,” and I’m on my merry way to go kick that bitch’s ass for selling me out.

I get there and almost start to cry, those of you who have done this quest know why. I only wish that afterword I could have laid them all out to rest in a field of flowers. Anyway I get my next quest instead of going to complete it I head out into the mountainous areas for some grief exploring and to Fus Ro Dah some stupid goats off a mountain, I’m watching the goats fly when I see a shack, in it there’s this dead guy so I’m like cool, I’m about to loot his place when I see a journal. I read it and now my grief is doubled. I take the little dog with me for a bit but send him home not long after afraid he’d get killed.

So now I’m traveling alone as the intrepid solo explorer running through the big area with the giants when out of nowhere a fucking mammoth lands in front of me, I’m like wtf so I kill it and keep going. Then a few bandits fall out of the sky near me and now I’m getting really scared so I break into a run for Whiterun just wanting to get to my house when a dragon skeleton falls on my head. At that point I decided the Skyrim gods were punishing me for Fus Ro Dahing those goats, or trying to help my grief. Either way I was quite amused and skipped my way back to Whiterun where I once again robbed the town blind and picked everyone’s pockets.

Also found two amulets of Maura or whatever the ones that let you marry, trying to decide on a mate. It’s rather difficult but I will find someone who can keep up with me, I just wished that so many of the marriage candidates weren’t nords. Why no Kahjiits or Wood Elves?

Oh also turns out one of the Falmer I shot in the knee which I noticed and literally spent the next minute laughing making arrow in the knee jokes… Good times good times.

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